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Super Herbalife Opportunity Meeting

Speaker Profile of Chairman’s Club Member
John Tartol

Life hasn't always been so dramatically successful for the Tartols, but their road to prosperity did begin with Herbalife. In 1981,
after working eight different jobs in 10 months, Lori was ready for a serious career-one in which she could invest her time and
energy. She first learned of Herbalife by attending a meeting conducted by Doug Stuntz, President's Team. "Everything sounded
too good to be true," recalls Lori. "Here was a dynamic product line, a fantastic marketing plan and no boss.
“At the time, John, her fiancé, was a musician who was bartending to make ends meet financially. Fed up with the musician's
lifestyle and the meager income it offered, John joined Lori and together they eagerly pursued the Herbalife opportunity. Learning
from Herbalife's most committed Distributors, they worked with tremendous diligence and persistence. "We're extremely pleased
with the rapidly developing leadership within our organization," John adds. "It's great to see so many of our 'old timers' becoming
major successes!"

Date: Thursday, 7th May 2009,
Time: 8:00PM – 10:00PM
Venue: Sabah Room, Basement II, Shangri-La Hotel
Language: English
(Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia translations available)

Qualification: Open to All.

Ticket Price:FREE - Strictly for Distributor with Guests

Distributor without Guest :
: RM25.00 Per Ticket At Door SKU# D332

Call me: 012-6118984

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