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Tq to kak yatt n kak meera for ur concern n entry pagi nih adalah utk menjawab semua persoalan mengenai budget dlm mengamalkn diet yg sihat nih......

klu citer pepanjangpn akan citer benda yg sama ar gak kn kn kn? so kerana kemalasan n kesikitan masa tuh, kat bawah ada cut n paste bersi ENGLISH utk budget comparison (cam bisnesman plak aku cakap....muhahahah)

One of the first questions that pops into most people's minds is, when presented with the Herbalife option is, how much does it cost?

Well, you are simply gonna love this:

Before I explain the programme costs, please look now at yourself, (think about this), now think of the saying, "You are what you eat".

And this is exactly what you must research. What is it you are spending today, to look and feel the way you are? I have asked this question to hundreds of people, and almost every time the same thing comes back to me...the majority of people in Malaysia spend over RM25 per day. This goes on food, drinks, snacks, and/or supermarket shopping. Quite often individuals, once pressed into thinking about their daily habits, admit in shame that their biggest spending is actually on all those "little" snacks between meals!! Not to mention that with a good shape-up result...you won't need to buy new clothes for a while...because you will be dropping dress sizes, (for guys: "kilt" sizes)!

And so, if you were to look at the spending of RM 25, after 10days that becomes RM250, and in 30days it becomes RM750! Crazy huh!

Now if you were to go on the Herbalife weight-loss programme, there are 2 types: normal & faster, for both you are replacing 2 meals per day with the Herbalife programme, and, you continue to eat one normal meal. This CAN be your favourite food, you only just have to apply a little bit of common sense: not too many oils/fats/sugars etc!!

So the maths on that are, if your current budget per month is RM750, then by replacing 2 meals for the Herbalife programme, you will be moving RM500 over to be used on the Herbalife programme, and continue the other RM250 for your favourite meals & extras. Herbalife's (Normal) Weight Loss Programme costs RM 450, so you will be saving RM50, isn't this amazing!!

Now look at the (Faster) Weight Loss Programme, which costs RM600. It only costs an extra RM100 out of your pocket, if you are someone that is ~ replacing two thirds of spending RM25 per day on food/drink budget.

HOWEVER, if you are someone that spends RM30+ per day, that adds up to RM900+ per month, two thirds of that is....RM600. So once again...no extra spending out of your pocket! UNBELIEVABLE!

*Of course, for some, who still find the programmes challenging to their budget, there are more cost-cutting solutions, but also understand that they will slow down your result. For more details, get back to the person who recommended you to this blog!

And by looking at the results all of the regular users have had with the programme (see "RESULTS GALORE" post on this blog), you can see for yourself, the results are guaranteed! If you are still a little confused, don't worry, you need know only this, the programme is SEDAP...delicious, and is only 220 calories per "shake" meal.

Once you have achieved your weight-loss target, you simply move over to the (Maintenance) programme, which is the same "shake" meal, only taken once per day + 2 normal meals. And if you "look better", all your friends/colleagues/family will notice, and what will they ask you...of course: "Where can I get what you are using?" And of course once you have those good results, there is money to be made...for you!

The (Maintenance) is the same programme for those who, don't need to lose weight as such and, want to start straight away with maintaining their health and looking & feeling younger!

well nih cumalah antara paparan2 menarik dr blog kwnku ini.actually ia membantu aku utk senang xpayah nak citer banyak kali....muhahahah..... apa2 pn aku akan letak link blog nih ( ia citer semua skali dr produk,budget n result) so kawan2 bleh check it out, study about it and if interested just call me back!!! adiosa

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